July 2023

#13 Merely Human Things with Dr. Jeff Bilbro

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Season 2 Episode 3 Interviewed in this episode is Dr. Jeffrey Bilbro. Bilbro is the associate professor of English at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Bilbro comes on to talk directly about "Reading the Times: A Literary and Theological Inquiry into the News". Why is this important for Christians and pro-lifers to understand the [...]

April 2022

What Attorney Mary Ziegler Gets Wrong About Pro-Life Tactics (Postmodern Realities Podcast)

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The New York Times recently published an opinion essay from Mary Zigler, Florida State University law professor and author of “Abortion and the Law in America: Roe v. Wade to the Present" titled, “Anti-Abortion Groups Once Portrayed Women as Victims. That’s Changing.” Ziegler claims that opponents of legal abortion have gravitated away from offering legislation grounded in arguments framing women as additional victims of abortion.

February 2021

June 2019

Answering Vulgarity with Grace

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Transcript Miley Cyrus blew up social media with a picture of her licking a cake with “Abortion is Healthcare” written in icing. It’s exactly the kind of vulgar over the top provocations that are so popular with celebrities and social media warriors these days.  Jim Carrey recently posted a drawing of a fetal Alabama Governor [...]

May 2019

Worst Imaginable Scenarios

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Transcript In the wake of new laws restricting abortion, social media exploded with stories about child rape victims potentially being forced to carry their children to term, women facing terrible unnamed illnesses being put at risk as the lives of their unborn offspring are prioritized, and women being forced to carry a child suffering tortuous [...]

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