Season 3 Episode 3

This episode starts out with a discussion of the diabolical behavior of roosters as highlighted in an old Scientific American article. Segment two disucsses Herman Melville, his posthumously published book Billy Budd the Sailor, and the attraction of art produced by people in spiritual crisis or flux. Segment three focuses on Vice-President Kamala Harris visiting an abortion facility, and asks the question, “If abortion is so great, why didn’t we get a complete tour of the facility and see it in all of its glory?”

The final segment addresses a family of arguments by those who support abortion. The idea that as the unborn age through the embryonic and fetal stages they progress toward full membership in the human family through the acquisition of multiple new capacities. There is no one single ability or capacity that is value giving, rather there is a constellation which cumulatively change the nature of unborn life to something fully human. To give the discussion focus and structure, we rely on highlights from Christopher Kaczor’s responses in his book The Ethics of Abortion.