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Merely Human Ministries, INC.
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Merely Human Ministries is a 501c3 Non-Profit!

What does that mean for charitable gifts to MHM?

It means that any gift received today will be tax deductible.

It’s good. Feel free to donate!


Why would you wait?  MHM will reach our target audience throughout this coming year. We can’t book trips to visit schools around the United Sates without your donations. We can’t produce our podcasts and videos without your partnership. We can not work in cooperation with other ministries without the resources to refine our message and bring on the needed staff.

There is tremendous interest in MHM, and we are committed to trips in the fall to areas across the U.S. to speak to multiple schools with MHM absorbing the cost of the trip. If the school administrators are willing to give us an audience with their entire school to hear our message and take questions in a public Q & A, then MHM will make it happen.

We want to share this opportunity with the students and school administrators at the conferences at which we are already scheduled to speak.

We can’t do this without you!

Help us remove every excuse a school can offer for NOT addressing the issues of abortion and value of human life with their students. Often, school administrators simply don’t believe their students want to talk about these issues. Your donations equip MHM to open doors that would otherwise be closed through videos, podcasts, blog posts, and live presentations at Christian high schools throughout the United States.

Your gifts will make that happen. Your gifts empower us to move forward creatively. We consider our donors our partners in ministry.

Our on-line gifts are processed through Cornerstone, an organization that usually works with much larger Christian organizations. They committed their resources and expertise to help us manage our growth and offer our givers the most secure giving experience we can offer.

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