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Merely Human Ministries, INC.
PO Box 683844 
Marietta, GA 30068

MHM is fully incorporated with the state of Georgia and has an EIN number with the IRS. Our 1023 Application for 501.c.3 status has been received by the IRS and is being processed. It is possible that we will be approved any day now.

WE’RE APPROVED. Merely Human Ministries is a 501c3 Non-Profit!

What does that mean for charitable gifts to MHM? It means that any gift received today will be retroactively tax deductible to the date of our incorporation, August of 2018, at the completion of the application process.

We can receive gifts, but we are also strongly advised by the IRS to inform everyone there is a chance that we will not be approved. That is neither because we haven’t done our due diligence nor a reflection upon our paperwork. It is just the reality of working with the IRS in this process. It’s good. Feel free to donate!

So what happens if you support us during this time and the IRS ultimately rejects our application? As our articles of incorporation require by law, we will immediately dissolve the organization and whatever funds remain will be transferred to an active 501.c.3 serving a comparable mission to our own.

It is understandable if you want to wait until the process is complete. No reason to wait now! DONATE TODAY! SECURELY AND SAFELY!

Why wouldn’t would you wait?  MHM proceeds with the full belief that we are in business and intend to reach our target audience in 2019. We can’t book trips to visit schools around the United Sates without the gifts. There is tremendous interest in MHM, and we are committed to five trips in the spring and five in the fall to different areas where we will speak to multiple schools with MHM absorbing the cost of the trip. These trips will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. If the school administrators will be willing to give us an audience with their entire school to hear our message and take questions in a public Q & A, then MHM will make it happen.

We want to share this opportunity with the students and school administrators at the conferences at which we are already scheduled to speak early in 2019. We have committed to at least one free school initiative trip already and are building a second.

Your gifts will make that happen. Your gifts empower us to move forward while we work through and complete the initial process.

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