April 2024

S3 E3 Ethics of Abortion and a whole lot more

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Season 3 Episode 3 This episode starts out with a discussion of the diabolical behavior of roosters as highlighted in an old Scientific American article. Segment two disucsses Herman Melville, his posthumously published book Billy Budd the Sailor, and the attraction of art produced by people in spiritual [...]

December 2023

2023 Christmas Special

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Jay discusses the importance of reading Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol aloud, specifically to his daughter. He notes that Dickens' writing lends itself well to being read aloud, and that Shakespeare was also a master of character creation. Watts also talks about the impact of performers like Aaron Sorkin on modern storytelling and criticizes [...]

November 2023

#19 Book Review of Tearing us Apart

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Before that I discuss a very particular aspect of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, some actions have no moral context. Some actions, the murder of innocent children and intentional targeting of civilians, are simply evil. There is context to the greater conflict, but no action by one [...]

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