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#2 HumanThings with Jonathan Noyes

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This episode addresses despair and community. We discuss how assessing human dignity through instrumental criteria or immediately practicable capacities leads to troubling issues in end of life care. The view that all human beings have value by virtue of what we are, intrinsic dignity grounded in our humanity, ought to lead to [...]

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Beautiful Things

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Why do we seek out beautiful things, and work so hard to create beauty. Community investment is important, and the beautiful things we create help to build up our community. Sometimes beautiful things divide, but they often make life better. Take a listen to this edition of Human Things. We are here to be beautiful, [...]

Human Things #4 – Arguing and the Airing of Grievances

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Why is it important to argue and to argue well? What's the difference in ranting and persuading in an argument. These ideas are laid out here in our fourth Merely Human Things podcast. Merely Human Things is a podcast series exploring what C.S. Lewis said when he stated that he wanted to be found doing human things. That's why we are here. Give it a listen.

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