The Final Episode of Season 2: Despair in our World   Jim Trotti, a professional counselor for young people, joins the show to discuss despair and the roots of despair in young people. His insight is surprisingly practical.   In segment one, Jay makes the claim Roy Orbison’s vocal performance in the song Crying is possibly the greatest vocal performance in contemporary. If you know a better one, please make your case.   Segment two explores the idea that musicians and many of the people who create culture are nowhere near as snobby about their tastes as those who gatekeep their music are. Dave Grohl loves disco and funk drumbeats. Martin Scorcese knows every line from every movie, good and bad, because he loves movies. The point is don’t be a snob, just like what you like.   Segment three, Christmas music starts in November. Mariah Carey conquered the contemporary Christmas music world. If you hate the song All I Want for Christmas, you live in a conquered world. Act accordingly.   The last topic before Jim Trotti joins the show, happiness is discussed. Happiness isn’t a legitimate central life goal, but it is great. And the first part of the sow is for Jay, to remind him that being silly and happy is an important part of being a whole human being.   Jim Trotti joins the show and discusses the three things he sees missing in the lives of young people the lack of which leads to despair.

Three things that are lacking in the lives of young people today:  

1)    Foundation of Family Values

2)    Emotional Control

3)    Depth of Thinking