Before that I discuss a very particular aspect of the conflict between Israel and Hamas, some actions have no moral context. Some actions, the murder of innocent children and intentional targeting of civilians, are simply evil. There is context to the greater conflict, but no action by one party can ever morally justify the murder of families while they sleep. I also explain how I try not to speak publicly about things I don’t fully understand. People claiming to be experts of what is happening on the ground when reliable information is impossible to have. Humility requires me to not feel compelled to share my every thought about world events. Neither God nor the leadership of Israel are taking advice from Jay Watts, and ranting about such things on social media don’t make me a hero. They make me reckless.

Then I discuss the artists behind the design elements of the ride It’s a Small World, Mary Blair and Robert Sherman, and why the new live action Disney movies are so terrible. They are produced by lesser artists with less clear purposes.

Finally, I discuss the book Tearing Us Apart, and the case Anderson and DeSanctis make that the damage abortion causes extends beyond the lives of the unborn lost. It hurts every element of human society it touches. Abortion corrupts as all evil corrupts.