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About Jay Watts

Jay is a speaker and writer. His focus is on pro-life issues, as well as euthanasia, apologetics, and philosophy.

February 2019

Is Trump’s Rhetoric Backed By Supreme Court?


Are babies ripped from their mother’s wombs in post viability abortions? That is what I wrote this post to address. I would like to share a quick word before getting to the excerpt from the Supreme Court decision below. MHM affirms the message of Romans Chapter 3 and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All have [...]

Is Trump’s Rhetoric Backed By Supreme Court?2019-02-08T13:49:48+00:00

January 2019

New York Ruling Podcast


Jay Watts was a guest on the podcast Freemind. Listen as Jay talks about the decision in New York to extend Abortion up to delivery.

New York Ruling Podcast2019-02-03T02:09:14+00:00

Good Questions and Bad Answers from The New York Times!


Have You Considered the False Implications of Your View? At the end of a recent post on Snopes.com addressing the veracity of claims that abortion is now the number one cause of death in the world, the author of the article excerpted a New York Times (NYT) editorial raising concerns about the implications of pro-life [...]

Good Questions and Bad Answers from The New York Times!2019-01-16T17:49:15+00:00