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April 2022

Genesis Chapter 2

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Blogging the Bible with an Eye Toward Life Genesis Chapter 2 Leon Kass, in The Beginning of Wisdom, pointed out something about Genesis Chapter 1. It demystifies existence.1 We are prone to worship the creation, whether pantheists or animists. The created order fascinates us. And why not? Nature’s beauty and majesty overwhelm the senses while [...]

March 2022

Blogging the Bible with an Eye Toward Life

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A speaker once said he reads through the bible, cover to cover, multiple times a year. Each time he reflects on a different point of emphasis. One read through he looks for the grace of God in every book. The next, he looks for the justice of God and another the long-suffering nature of God. [...]

September 2021

Better than All the Rest

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I don’t want to answer this as Jay Watts, the pro-life apologetics guy from Life Training Institute if that is ok. If you would grant me just a moment, I would like to answer this question as just Jay Watts a fellow Christian and brother in Christ.” She consented, and what follows is as best as I can remember what I said: “I understand how unnerving and scary this culture can be. How corrosive it can be to faith, and how the challenge of raising children toward Christ can feel overwhelming. As I listened to your question, I thought about how I would talk to my own children about this....

January 2021

Does Legal Mean Right?

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We imagined, in a previous post, our hero woke up one morning having forgotten everything about human interactions. This isn’t a problem as long as our hero is alone, but we quickly discovered it is almost impossible to avoid crossing paths with other human beings. Every new interaction raises questions about the appropriate response. Add [...]

November 2020

Back to Basics

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Imagine our hero wakes up one morning and everything about the way we live our lives is suddenly mysterious. Every understanding of social contracts, personal rights, community responsibilities, etc., slipped from his mind as he slept. He launches into the world with the whole of human relationships existing as a country to be newly discovered. [...]

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