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Jay is the Founder and President of Merely Human Ministries, INC., an organization committed to equipping Christians and people who hold pro-life views to graciously defend the intrinsic dignity of all human life in a positive, impacting and Gospel inspired manner.

He served at Cobb Pregnancy Services for three years as Development Coordinator and currently sits on their Board of Directors. His daily work among women and men offering life-affirming options for families facing unexpected pregnancies fostered a deep and continuing love for pregnancy centers.

He left CPS in 2010 to serve for eight years with Life Training Institute (LTI) and Scott Klusendorf as the Vice-President of Development and Communications where he contributed as a speaker and writer.

He has spoken to high schools, universities, and professional organizations all across the United States. He has been an invited speaker to dozens of university groups including Harvard, UNC – Chapel Hill, NC State, and University of Illinois to name only a few. He has appeared on radio and television interviews, regularly featured as the keynote at banquets and national conferences, published popular level articles on a wide array of topics pertaining to bioethics and the university culture, and is a contributing writer to Christian Research Journal.

He lives in Marietta, GA with his wife and three children.


Merely Human Ministries educates and equips Christians and people who hold pro-life views to graciously defend the intrinsic dignity of all human life in a positive, impacting and Gospel inspired manner while clarifying how that dignity impacts issues like abortion, euthanasia, eugenics, and budding biotechnologies.

Merely Human Ministries (MHM) will pursue its service to the mission statement with a multifaceted approach including blog posts, short videos, podcasts, published articles, interviews, and live presentations.



MHM will use the spring fundraising window to emphasize the raising of funds specifically for the purpose of offering our services free to Protestant and Catholic high schools, as well as any qualified school around the U.S., which wishes to host a presentation of our material. (read more…)

Georgia    Atlanta, USA

Mr. Watts travels out of Atlanta, Georgia speaking at events and schools around the nation. We encourage everyone interested in inviting him to an event or school to reach out to us. It is our first priority and commitment to work with good organizations to serve their communities. We want to work with you to make that happen.

Official Board   Yes, we are legit!

Merely Human Ministries is governed by a board of directors dedicated to serving the mission of this organization. Please read about our leadership and the talents they bring to MHM to make the vision of this ministry a reality.