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April 2020

Designed to Hurt


If even mud can give us a staff infection and kill us in a week, then we have to make a decision. The same decision that we are making during this Coronavirus epidemic. Do we live bravely in the face of death, or do we allow fear and uncertainty to drive us. As Christians, we should take C.S. Lewis's advice on the subject of living bravely in the face of death. That is to live well, love God, and love our neighbors. Take a listen to Jay as he talks about being brave at a moment of uncertainty. 

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March 2020

Reviewing “Untangling Twinning”


It’s no secret that scientists have become the most important conveyors of truth in today’s society. With our culture’s reliance upon technology to accomplish day to day tasks, it’s little wonder why scientists carry so much cultural clout in assessing the hot topics. Unfortunately, this means that bad ideas are often given fertile room to [...]

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Sacrificing Self for the Good of Others


Acts of self-sacrifice deeply touch the human heart in a way nothing else does.  The movie Act of Valor gave us a vivid representation of the ultimate sacrifice. As three soldiers enter a building near the Mexican border, a grenade is thrown into a room among them. Seeing no time to get out of the [...]

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What’s holding you back?


Do you have trouble connecting the dots about the pro-life view? Listen to Jay as he breaks down objections and navigating conversations about the pro-life position.

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February 2020

That Others May Live: What The Last Full Measure can teach us


War films have a habit of breaking through our moral apathy and cynicism by bringing us face to face with the darkest parts of history that people have lived through, and how good men answer the evil they confront. The recent Vietnam war film The Last Full Measure is no exception. It tells the true [...]

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