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December 2019

Jameela the Evil Landlord

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TRANSCRIPT Based on a meme I saw today, you probably don’t want actress Jameela Jamil as a landlord. The meme includes a picture of The Good Place star lounging backward in a white pant suit with the words. “The Choice is the Landlord’s, not the tenant’s, not the Neighbor’s. Your Uterus. Your Choice.” Jamil has [...]

October 2019

Control and Respect?

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 Transcript During a Q&A, a young woman stood up and said, “It seems you just want to control women’s bodies. You want control of women’s reproductive choices.” I hear this objection often, including from people lobbing it from a distance. The dichotomy offered is that one side represents freedom and choice while the other [...]

September 2019

Forcing our Religion?

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Transcript AJ+, Al Jazeera’s flashy face aimed at youth, recently produced a podcast episode of NewsBroke with Francesca Fiorentini making the claim, among others, that American evangelical Christians are attempting to force their religion on the country violating the establishment of religion clause of the First Amendment and the spirit of Jefferson’s desire for a [...]

August 2019

Acorns and Embryos

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TRANSCRIPT Occasionally someone confronts me after a talk with this comment, “The embryo and fetus are not human beings anymore than an acorn is an oak tree.” I even recently saw a form of this claim while studying academic pro-choice authors. The statement often accompanies a stunned disbelief that this basic fact eludes pro-life advocates. [...]

Are Laws Restricting Abortion Forced Organ Donation?

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This article first appeared in the Christian Research Journal, (August 1st, 2019) LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE! SYNOPSIS David Boonin’s new book Beyond Roe: Why Abortion Should Be Legal Even if the Fetus Is a Person hits the shelves as the world ramps up the political wars over abortion. The Supreme Court’s ideological make-up may have shifted [...]