The Way of Medicine

00:00 Intro

01:50 Joe Versus the Volcano and How God Can Use Crisis to Focus Us   After embarrassingly forgetting that Joe Banks had a brain cloud, this segment focuses on Joe Versus the Volcano and how it offers a wonderful reminder of how God can take someone consumed with trivial worries and fears and wake them up through true crisis.

10:22 Claim: If brain death is the end of life, then brain function is the beginning of life.   We discuss this issue and clarify that early human life does not require a brain to coordinate the first stages of human development. That does not dem it isn’t a living human. Only after the development of the human life crosses over to the point that the organism’s function is coordinated through the brain does it make sense to say without a brain the organism cannot exist.

18:10 Dr. Christopher Tollefsen joins the show to discuss his book The Way of Medicine, co-authored with Farr Curlin. The book addresses the questions of what the practice of medicine is and how can it best serve both the practitioners of medicine and the patients. A pure patient service model reduces medical practitioners to servants of the whims of the patient and has negative implications for treatment across a variety of medical fields. A balanced approach centered on attending the health and flourishing of patients with respect to the vocational calling of medical professionals restores sanity to field struggling to find answers about how to best provide medical care.