Guest is Tina Whittington, Executive VP Students for Life of America

00:01:30 | Episode 5 of Season 2 begins with more of the animal revolution. Elephants are stealing sugar cane, Orcas are attacking sailboat rudders, and now…an otter is stealing paddle boards! A multi-agency effort has been launched by fish and Wildlife to capture a rogue otter who steals surfboards and paddle boards.  

00:07:13 | Segment two consider Harold Ramis’s masterpiece Groundhog Day as an examination of a man coming to grips with is place in the universe over a much longer period than immediately obvious upon watching the film. This is a discussion about how God uses suffering and trials to come to the end of ourselves and properly order our lives.  

00:18:00 | Segment three reprises a brief discussion of the subject of personhood vs mere humanity as the standard for human dignity and human rights.  

00:24:00 | Segment four discusses at length serious claims that birth is the bright line for human personhood. It is more than a magical birth canal argument. Defenders claim birth is a cataclysmic event which brings genuine biological transformation and introduces early human life into the range of those uncontroversially accepted as full members of the human family.  

00:56:00 | Our interview this episode is with the Executive Vice President of Students for Life of America, Tina Whittington. Tina shares her expertise and wisdom about how students can impact their campus for life and find a voice in our culture on the issue of abortion. Her experience in building student action groups is invaluable.