November 2020

Vote Pro-Choice, Save Babies?

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During the 2020 election, a new argument made the rounds on social media, attacking pro-lifers for their political activism. The argument (which is more of an assertion) takes many forms, but it is essentially this: Because abortion rates decline when a Democratic President holds office (or, more broadly, when the Democratic Party holds any type [...]

May 2020

December 2019

November 2019

The Myth of Neutrality On Abortion Law

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Transcript In the movie Highlander we are told in the battle of immortals there can be only one. One will survive, and all other competitors will die. I was reminded of this when reading how U.S. District Judge Paul Englemeyer ruled that it is unconstitutional and coercive for the Trump administration to protect the conscience [...]

March 2019

Title X Talk: “Gag Rule?”

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SG Jones | March 2, 2019 If you are paying attention at all to the current back-and-forth over abortion, you’ve probably noticed a discussion about the Department of Health and Human Services’ (HHS) rules on federal funding and their impact on abortion providers, especially Planned Parenthood. An HHS rule is undergoing revision that regulates the [...]

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