In this post from the Christian Research Institute Jay Watts speaks about the book by Chris Kaposy on “Choosing Down Syndrome”.



“In Choosing Down Syndrome: Ethics and New Prenatal Testing Technologies, author Chris Kaposy, the associate professor of Bioethics in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University Newfoundland, argues that advancements in less invasive prenatal testing will increase the use of those tests and produce a greater number of occurrences of selective abortion in cases of Down syndrome diagnosis. As the father of a son with Down syndrome, Kaposy encourages people to resist the overwhelmingly preferred option of abortion and choose to allow their children with Down syndrome to be born….Kaposy, however, argues from the perspective of an outspoken pro-choice advocate who believes the human fetus is not the kind of organism that can be wronged and women should be free to choose abortion without interference of the state or community.”