Summary Episode 9

This episode begins with an explanation of the long form podcast as our mothership. The vision is to produce longer content that takes it time to consider points of view. From this longer format, we will excerpt shorter segments and videos to offer more concise material.

The first segment discusses the idea that peak Star Wars requires both Han Solo played by Harrison Ford and Darth Vader. They make Star Wars work better in every way.

Segment two discusses the Burning Research Lab as an argument which frequently pops up on social media. Do you save the petri dish full of embryos or the single 2-year-old child in the burning lab? The thought experiment doesn’t prove what it claims.

Finally, part 1 of a conversation with the great Scott Klusendorf where he shares his Three Things pro-lifers need to consider in the post Roe world. Point one, prudence is not compromise, inconsistency is not refutation, and finally human rights require human beings.