This episode open with consideration of how poor arguments are on the internet. It is difficult to find anything on social media serious enough to discuss. In the future, serious academic arguments will be considered more thoroughly including revisiting bodily autonomy arguments.

The second segment sets the stage for the interview with Ben Mitchell. Three broadly defined ideas of what it means to be human are in conflict in our world. Are we purely physical beings residing in a physical universe? Is our existence the playing out of atoms colliding with atoms with only the illusion of minds and purpose? Or are we psychological beings, free to define ourselves as whatever we wish to be or feel best represents our inner self? Is the physical reality of our body less important than the desires of our heart and our psychologic identity? Or, finally, are we a dynamic union of mind and body where both the physical world and our internal lives must be reconciled as important aspects of our whole?

In 3 Things, C. Ben Mitchell joins the show to discuss the most important things for Christians to consider while living in an age where the new cycle includes fears artificial intelligence will be the end of all humanity. The first area of consideration in Al, what it is and how it is being used. The second is transhumanist and post-humanist views of humanity. A certain segment sees humanity as stage to be overcome and not a privileged existence as the image bearers of God. The last subject of consideration is a view of human beings which sees the world as better off without us.

C. Ben Mitchell held the Graves Chair of Moral Philosophy at Union University in Tennessee, where he also previously served as Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Mitchell also serves as the editor of Ethics & Medicine: An International Journal of Bioethics and as senior editor of Renewing Minds: A Journal of Faith, Learning, and Culture.