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A Good Neighbor We Just Can’t Forget

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A long time ago, I attended a lecture about legacy from a gentleman at a planned giving function. The speaker asked everyone in the room to stand up. Then he said, “Remain standing if you remember the first middle and last names of both of your parents.” No one sat down. He continued, “Now, remain [...]

A Response to The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate

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Two days ago, I read Caitlin Flanagan’s piece at The Atlantic, The Dishonesty of the Abortion Debate. My immediate response was to write and record a Merely Human Moment (See those here) short podcast quickly addressing a couple of points. Then I held up. Flanagan’s article is well written. It plays some familiar notes but [...]

Potential Persons or Potential Problems?

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Does recognizing such an obligation in the context of pregnancy involve treating women as incubators or ‘fetal containers’? Surely not: If I am a pregnant woman, it is no more treating me as an incubator to expect me to respect my baby’s body and allow it to remain within my own than it is treating the baby’s father as a cradle to expect him to avoid violent, reckless or negligent treatment of the baby after birth. At least until such time as other carers can take over, it is reasonable to expect those supporting a child to continue to do so, and in any case, to avoid deliberate harm and/or harmful bodily incursions on the child.

The Myth of Neutrality On Abortion Law

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Transcript In the movie Highlander we are told in the battle of immortals there can be only one. One will survive, and all other competitors will die. I was reminded of this when reading how U.S. District Judge Paul Englemeyer ruled that it is unconstitutional and coercive for the Trump administration to protect the conscience [...]

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