February 2019

Late-term Abortions: Truth and Compassion for Women

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The Virginia House’s tabled Repeal Act continues to generate a lot of heat in the late-term abortion debate. Specifically, over the last several weeks the necessity of late-term abortions and an alleged contempt for women are hot topics. National Review’s David French recently came under fire in an Op-Ed from the New York Times for [...]


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Mohandas Gandhi is often credited with saying that "A nation's greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members." Regardless of its source, the aphorism rings true, and this past week Senator Ben Sasse (NE) sponsored a bill for the humane treatment of abortion survivors. This was in response to a failed late-term abortion [...]

Is Trump’s Rhetoric Backed By Supreme Court?

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Are babies ripped from their mother’s wombs in post viability abortions? That is what I wrote this post to address. I would like to share a quick word before getting to the excerpt from the Supreme Court decision below. MHM affirms the message of Romans Chapter 3 and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All have [...]

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